1974 Lheraud Vintage Grande Champagne Cognac France 750 ML

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Lhéraud cognacs are aged in Limousin and Tronçais oak barrels, some for decades. Young cognacs are put into new barrels for a few years, which impart oaky flavors; after this period, the cognacs are transferred into older barrels for longer and proper aging. Over time, the water in the brandy evaporates, as does the alcohol; between 2 and 5 percent of pure alcohol, called the angels’ share, evaporates from each barrel each year. Throughout the process of evaporation and concentration, the brandy is also acted on by oxygen, causing the brandy to soften and become more fragrant, as well as take on a rich brownish amber color.

The Cognac Grande Champagne 1974 was distilled in 1974 and aged in oak until it was bottled in 2014 (40 years old).

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