The Macallan 30 Years Old Double Cask 2022 Release 750 ML

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The Scottish distillery has unveiled a modern take on its classic 30-year-old for the connoisseurs who like to switch things up. The new Double Cask 30 Years Old is billed as an exceptional aged single malt with a rich depth of flavor and complex character. The distillers let it mature for a full 30 years to create the perfect balance of flavors. According to the distillery, the sherry seasoned American oak imparts a delicate, sweet taste, while the European oak delivers the subtle and classic style of the Macallan.

This distinguished single malt is matured exclusively for 30 years in specially selected European and American oak sherry seasoned casks. The culmination of this extraordinary journey marks the birth of something exceptional - The Macallan Double Cask 30 Years Old, a harmonious, well rounded single malt whisky, with a warm character.

Colour: Golden Acorn

Aroma: Fresh honeycomb, sweet toffee, red apple, fig and vanilla pod.

Palate: A smooth melody of cinnamon, ginger, Madagascan vanilla, dried fruits and oak.

Finish: Sweet oak, soft spice and toffee.


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