Bomberger's Declaration Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (750 ML)

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It's the 2020 release of Bomberger's Declaration, a Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey from Michter's! Why is it called Bomberger's then, we hear you ask? Many moons ago in Pennsylvania, Michter's Distillery was in fact called Bomberger's Distillery, and it was only changed to the former in the 1970s. This then closed in the 1990s, though Michter's returned a few years later, now produced in Kentucky. History tastes good, right?!

Nose: Homemade strawberry jam, peach, and earthy rye spice, with a good drizzle of maple syrup alongside bitter cocoa.

Palate: Very dark chocolate and more maple syrup sweetness, with peppery oak char, woody vanilla, and a smidge of plum.

Finish: A warming finish of oak spice, brown sugar, and dried cherry.

54% ALC. VOL.

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