Hye Land Armenian Small Batch Single Malt Whiskey 12 year 750 ML

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Hye-land is aged for a minimum of 12 years in Armenian oak casks and brandy-barrel finished. The oakwood and grains used to craft the spirit are both naturally sourced from the fertile soils of the caucus mountains. The resulting whiskey has a smooth and balanced taste with complex fruity aromas. The casks also deliver a rich note characterized by vanilla spice, apricot and toasted wood. 

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3 Reviews

  • 3
    Not bad, just a bit different. Good price, underwhelming flavor

    Posted by Seth Woods on 9th Feb 2021

    It was alright, different, but alright. The best way i can sum it up is to call it interesting. I think it's a good one to add to a collection, if you already have bottles from the other parts of the world, just to have it. Not bad, not great, just different

  • 5
    Hye land Armenian Whisky

    Posted by Vahe Dayian on 7th Feb 2021

    I was expecting a good “first attempt “ at scotch. Ended up with a gem. Would definitely recommend

  • 3
    Hye-land single malt

    Posted by Seth Woods on 30th Jan 2021

    Isting, complex, better, overall good notes and robust flavor. A bit of bitterness because of the oak tannin. Quite a bit of old leather and dark overly roasted fruits, like apple and prune that was burnt

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