Pierre Ferrand Legendaire Cognac (750 ML)

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  • Pierre Ferrand Legendaire Cognac (750 ML)
  • Pierre Ferrand Legendaire Cognac (750 ML)


Légendaire is a stunningly-decadent Grande Champagne Cognac from creators Ferrand, made using some extraordinary eaux-de-vie. The producers mature the spirit in a "zebra" cask; within which the cask staves are progressively replaced every few years, which they say adds more complexity and finesse to the resulting spirit. The incredibly stunning crystal carafe was hand-blown by Waltersperger in Upper Normandy. A must have for any Cognac enthusiast.

Nose: It starts on a very traditional rancio profile with chocolate, plum, sandalwood, tobacco, and nutmeg. It then evolves on a very floral profile of dried rose, jasmine, and saffron with delicious notes of passionfruit and old Colheita port wine with an elegant woody background of cedar and walnut.

Palate: Creamy and full, it follows the impressions of the nose with spicier and woodier notes such as pepper, cloves, cardamom, and paprika, all coated in toffee, almond, vanilla, and acacia honey. It then evolves to a fruitier profile with mandarin, blackberry and hawthorn while oak moss, cocoa and frankincense increase the sensation of depth.

Finish: Lingering, the very old rancio style extends to a repertoire that is both classic, featuring leather, hazelnut, cinnamon and licorice, and original, revealing gooseberry, cantaloupe and honeysuckle.

Limited to only 500 bottles per year.


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